Beerwall® - Built-in multi-unit EBar installation for live venues

A graphic representation of an EBar Beerwall, demonstrating how the unit integrates with the building and can carry custom branding in a range of locations.
Beerwall® mock-up with x4 EBar Kiosk configuration and mounted cup dispensers

The Beerwall from EBar is the world’s first built-in, fully automated beer dispensing system for live venues. Using EBar’s patented ‘perfect pints poured fast’ technology, Beerwall can transform speed of service and wet sales profitability. It brings all the advantages of the mobile EBar kiosk but is permanently installed in your venue.


Each Beerwall installation can be custom branded to your requirements and can serve any kegged beer or cider, including Guinness. We can also connect to beer tanks for the ultimate high-volume, hassle-free dispense solution.

A photo showing the rear of an EBar Beerwall, in an area not normally seen by the public.
Behind the scenes of an EBar Beerwall

Installing EBar Beerwalls in your venue will cut unproductive bar queues at peak times. Their ease of use, speed and consistent quality will delight fans and encourage repeat visits to both the Beerwalls and your venue.


Our first Beerwall was installed at Millwall FC’s ‘The Den’ stadium in October 2023. Fan reaction was instant and positive, and we are now rolling out Beerwall installations in more live venues across the UK. Read more about our Beerwall at The Den

Our Beerwall® is a world-first first, driven by our mission to create a truly frictionless bar service solution for venues and to transform the event experience for their customers” – Nick Beeson, EBar Managing Director

Learn more about EBar; watch EBar in action and download the technical specs for an individual EBar unit.

Frequently asked questions about beerwall

Less than you may think. Contact us to find out. We operate a unique commercial model that ensures we are totally aligned with your success. We sell the EBars at cost and we charge a small commission fee on every pint sold so that we only make money when the EBars are pouring.

Yes, the EBar team will provide in-venue hands-on training for your staff. In addition, we will provide remote training support, operation documentation and explainer videos that cover all aspects of setting-up and running. Our Beerwall system is relatively simple to manage but you should select staff who are already reasonably confident in changing kegs and beer gas.

Self-service automation is a new concept for the industry, so we offer an all-inclusive monthly maintenance plan for Beerwall that ensures our customers have complete peace of mind when they invest in a Beerwall. This plan covers all parts and labour (with the exception of deliberate damage). We will show your staff how to perform routine beer line cleaning. Beerwalls are connected devices so our engineers monitor performance remotely and will contact the venue if they spot any issues.

We give our clients secure access to a Dashboard that gives you real time and historical sales data from each Beerwall unit. You can view real time sales rate reports and if you decide that you want to change a product ‘on the fly’ you can do this in a matter of minutes. We can grant HQ staff access to view all the Beerwalls installed across their estate.

It depends on whether there is likely to be any building work involved. The quickest Beerwall installation is the conversion of an existing kiosk – this could be completed in as little as 4 weeks. Installation takes longer if our customers need to complete building work, for example cutting an opening in a wall to mount the Beerwall. This is a great option if you want to turn unused wall space into a high-capacity bar area and it’s even easier if there’s an existing cellar on the other side of the wall. We will come to your site to measure up and agree an installation plan.

The venue (or its brewery partner) will need to supply an in-line cooler and a supply of compressed air. It will also need to provide power and connectivity to the site. We will fit the card payment device that you supply.

You can get as creative as you want! Beerwalls are typically installed flush with your wall so your branding will extend as high and wide as you like. You might create your customised look with printed Foamex or diabond panels. The Beerwall units themselves are made of steel so you can use printed magnetic vinyl to create a fully integrated look. You will need to include ‘Fast Pour’ signage that tells your customers what’s happening and what brands are being served. This can be printed or a more dynamic option is to mount a TV monitor above the Beerwall that can display your branding and messaging.

Beer tanks can be the most efficient solution in terms of reducing waste and cellar staff effort, but it’s not always the right one. It depends on your venue and the volumes of product that you sell. Tanks are great for shifting large volumes of core products but you may offer a wide range of beers and ciders, in which case you may favour kegs over tanks. The key issue with a tank is to choose a size that will be emptied before it goes out of date. Tanks are less appealing if there are long gaps between your events.