EBar’s sustainable credentials underlined with newly awarded Climate Impact certification

EBar has been awarded a prestigious Climate Impact Forecast (CIF) Validation by expert assessor Impact Forecast.


Impact Forecast independently reviewed EBar’s self-assessed climate and environmental impact calculations and they concluded that EBar’s positive climate impacts were:


  • Valid – “representative of the project, using appropriate data and well-justified assumptions”
  • Positive – “shows that the project has a lower climate impact than business as usual”
  • Significant – “the project has a [positive] climate impact greater than 5 tonnes of CO₂eq per year.”


The CIF Validation agreed that EBar kiosks were significantly more sustainable in terms of reduced materials, production emissions, waste management and waste treatment in comparison to traditional live venue bars serving from cans or bottles. The report also stated that EBars represent:


“a high volume fast pour drinks dispense kiosk with a design that drastically reduces the waste incurred at events instead of canned or bottled dispense bars”


Impact Forecast validated EBar’s forecast 2026 carbon savings of approximately 1.3 kilotonnes of CO₂eq (or 1.3 million kilograms) based on projected deployments in the UK for that year. This saving can be put in perspective as an amount equivalent to:


  • The annual electricity usage of over 540 average EU households; or
  • The effect of driving a car around the globe 160 times; or
  • The planting of 56,638 trees


The figure of 1.3kT is based on a projected deployment of 21,220 kegs in 2026, and a carbon saving of almost 61kg CO₂eq from each 88-pint keg.


Applying this calculation to EBar’s current total sales since launch (550K pints as at Feb24), an equivalent saving of around 380 tonnes of CO₂eq can be attributed to EBar’s operations over the past 24 months.


EBar CEO Nick Beeson said:


“We’re proud to gain the globally respected CIF Validation, which confirms what we already knew about EBar – that as well as offering drinkers fast service and perfectly poured pints, our machines can help venues and events make a real improvement in their environmental footprint.


“Dispensing pints from kegs results in significantly reduced emissions compared to those generated by can or bottle-production, transport and recycling (if this happens at all). EBar enables this saving, while also allowing the speedy bar service that attendees now demand at their events.”


EBar’s latest innovation, automatically-dispensed compostable paper cups, is set to make further reductions to the company’s environmental impact.


Read the full report (PDF, 1.8Mb)

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