The Automated Dispense Kiosk

The EBar®

In just a few seconds…

  • Consumers benefit from an improved event experience – shorter waiting times, hosted bar service and novel technology
  • Venue Operators benefit from increased sales, reduced costs and high yields



  • EBar can be customised to any brand
  • Compact footprint with each unit requiring only 75cm by 200cm space
  • Customers order, pay and dispense 2 drinks in under
  • 30 seconds
  • Service rates up to 200 pints per hour (per EBar)


Key Features

  • Automation delivers consistent quality and high service rates
  • Patented pressure-pour technology means that every pint is ‘keg-fresh’
  • Supervised self-service means that staffing costs are significantly reduced
  • Precise dispense control ensures that wastage is minimal
  • Easy-to-deploy draught dispense technology reduces the environmental footprint of venue operations
  • EBars can serve any kegged beer or cider
EBar is also now available as a permanently installed solution – find out more about Beerwall
The EBar Diagram

Front of House

Back of House



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Pints Poured

EBar units in use

Customer feedback

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  • EBar units are delivered to your event when you need them


  • Units are operated on the day with technical support from EBar


  • We simply charge a commission on sales through the EBar


Coming soon

  • Customer operated model
  • Built-in

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